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"Great driving instructor. Not only is she very knowledgeable but also knows how to transfer this knowledge to her students in a way that is understandable! She works around your commitments, whether that be evening's, picking you up from work or over the weekend in your spare time, nothing is too much for her. Whether you're a first time learner or you have been drifting between instructors with no joy, this woman will help you to pass!"
Sam PC
"Highly recommend having lessons with Shaz if you're looking to pass first time. I knew I had made the right decision during my first lesson where we went on 'real' roads and didn't spend the whole 2 hours driving round quiet estates. Arranging my lessons around work commitments was never an issue and I was able to flip between 1 lesson/2 lessons a week depending on how much I had on. Shaz will always point out any minor mistakes which is vital when looking to pass quickly and first time. Great experience!"
Lucy Tant
"Shaz is very informative and knowledgeable at what she does. She had given me the confidence I need to feel like I can succeed with my driving and is just an enjoyable person to be around. I would heavily recommend Shaz to anyone starting out driving as she is very patient and helpful in easing initial nerves."
Jonathan Thornton
"Passed 1st time with 2 months of lessons, amazing instructor on time no let downs! Would recommend everyone to use rani, wasnt to strict or to lean, made a mistake and was told about it had many laughs so thank you for that! 5/5 ⭐️ From me"
Umar Siddiq
"Without a doubt 5 stars! Shaz is very patient and understanding and what I really like is how she works with anxious people, anxiety is certainly heightened on the road but Shaz makes me feel at ease and is reassuring and kind!"
Niki Pedlorina
"excellent driving instructor! would 100% reccomend"
Matthew Dickinson
"I am surprised at how i have been able to learn so much so quickly and the lessons are very informative and in depth. Shaz is a very good teacher, she is teaching me how to adapt to different climates, atmospheres and scenarios rather than just teaching to pass the test."
Sidra Maqsood
"Shaz has always been the utmost best. Her advice and manner of teaching is absolutely outstanding. Each lesson tailored to suit my needs. Teaching to learn the skill for life, not just to pass. To learn so much in so little time, Shaz truly is astounding as a teacher. Thank you for everything! Reccomended to all, best instructor ever!"
Sonia Maqsood

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