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As more people learn to drive automatic cars, Rani’s School of Motoring offers driving lessons for people wanting to learn to drive this type of car.


Automatic Driving Lessons

They are much easier to drive, which saves you money because you will need fewer lessons to be able to drive an automatic. More new cars are becoming automatic so it makes sense to learn to drive in an automatic car. If you are based in Dewsbury, Bradford, Huddersfield or West Yorkshire, get in touch with Rani’s Driving School book your automatic car driving lesson.

Part One

Theory test with 100 multiple choice questions and a hazard perception test

Part Two

A 1 hour driving test

Part Three

A test of your ability to instruct

Instructor Qualifying Tests

All tests are conducted by the DVSA and we will prepare you for your tests through our training course. If you are interested in becoming a driving instructor and teaching people to drive across Dewsbury, Bradford, Huddersfield and West Yorkshire how to drive, give Rani’s Driving School a call to find out more. 

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